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I want in you.

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on august 12 of last year, we played at little man’s garage with studying for their very first show. i will never forget that show because it was there that i realized the effect this band has on people who watch them. songs about leaving home had been released maybe a week before, yet there were already almost a dozen people singing every word. it had come out of nowhere. almost immediately, everyone in carved was welcomed into studying’s close group of friends and vice versa. the members of this band and their friends instantly embraced everything positive little man’s had to offer. the honesty, kindness and talent that this band exhibits has stuck with me ever since i met them. it’s led to the making of other bands, incredible friendships, wild shows and an overall sense of community that little man’s never would have reached without them. we can’t thank the people in it enough for showing us wholehearted support both as friends and musicians.

an ep, a split and a full length later, studying is playing their last show and calling it quits on august 24, right back where it all started. along with them will be solomon solomon, an incredible local screamo band who will also be playing their last show, and two connecticut touring bands, i’m ok and osier bed. while we won’t be playing this show, i sincerely urge anyone who’s ever seen/wanted to see studying to come out and and enjoy the last set they’ll ever play. we will shed some tears and hug it out because i’ve had an awesome time watching this band grow.

r.i.p. studying, you’re the best friends a band could ever ask for.

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July 13, 2012 @ Casa Fiesta


Good show. Got a militant atheist to come to Shul with me beforehand and break vegan on some Challah (sorry, Eli). Missed the two touring bands. Left at 11 and still didn’t get home until 1:40. Whatever. Things hurt. I get up at 8 tomorrow for Shul. (EDIT: I actually slept until 9 and went to Shul late. I blame Eli’s bladder)

1. Carved Our Names In Snow:

2. Studying:

3. The Harrison Four:

4. Warren Franklin:

live recordings from a show we played awhile back!

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Studying - A goodbye.


Alright, here it is! This album is our last release as a band. Through all of the shows we’ve played, friends we’ve made, and good times we’ve had, we couldn’t be more thankful for all of the support we’ve received in this past year and a half. We hope you enjoy the album! 

pic is of DJ from Carved crying in the dark as we sit in the house we grew up in for the last time.

best buds with a bangin new album

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Studying shows have the roughest twinkly emo push pits this side of the Mississippi. 

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cisco is the dude

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Do you like a band called Old Gray?


Old Gray, Voyage in Coma, William Bonney, Carved Our Names In Snow, Our Sunday Affairs, Trust Fall

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